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The Zodiac Atlètic Barceloneta Did not fail (13-7) in the direction of the Serbian Radnicki Inside the water polo Champions League and added three factors that primarytain them Inside the wrelaxationle for the three places in group A that qualify for The final at Eight and depart the Balkan set.



Zodiac Barceloneta

(9 + 4): López-Pinedo, Famera (-), Granados (3.1p), Larumbe (-), Fernández (2), Perrone (1p), Álex Bustos (3) -starting group-, Pavillard (2 ), De Toro (-), Asensio (1), Biel (1) and Ponferrada (-).


(3 + 4): Dobozanov, Jankovic (2), Cuk (-), Krug (-), Ukropina (-), Lukic (-), Vrlic (1) -starting group-, Brankovic (), Stanojevic (1) , Pljevancic (-), Radulovic (1) and Milicic (2)


Achladiotis (Greece) and Schwartz (Israel). Eradicated: Famera (min. 31), by the Zodiac Atlètic Barceloneta; and Cuk (min. 15), Ukropina (min.20) and Pljevancic (min.32), by Radnicki.


Sant Sebastià. 400 spectators.

The Barcelona group based mostly their triumph on An excellent first half (9-3), By which they confirmed their biggest water polo each in assault, scoring in most of their assaults in superiority, and in protection with a worthwhile Felipe Perrone Inside the rejections and Dani López-Pinedo sprimeping six pitches that created many doubts Inside the Serbian assaulters.

The good protection to the buoy Josip Vrlic All by way of the 32 minutes it was one other of the keys that allowed Barceloneta to On A daily basis have The sport beneath administration. The earlier participant of the sailor group solely scored one objective Inside the final quarter with the match already resolved.

Fran fernandez he scored The primary two goals for Barceloneta in two superiority actions to which Radnicki answered …….

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